1. What qualifications do I need to enroll at Byte Size College?

2. What courses do you offer at Byte Size ?

3. What services do you provide under IT Solutions?

The services include;

◊ Repairs  and maintenance of printers and computers    ◊ Virus detection and removal    

◊ Internet configurations   ◊ Networking        ◊ Troubleshooting     ◊ IT Training

We  provide Hardware products such as;

RAM, Modems, Sound cards     Network hubs   ◊ UPS         ◊Desktop and Laptop Computers

Under Software, we provide

Software development    Anti – Virus Software       Web Design

4. Are the courses offered BQA (Botswana Qualification Authority) accredited?

Yes, all our courses are BQA accredited

5. Do you offer Corporate Training Services?

Yes, Byte Size offers corporate training to government and private employees wishing to enhance their skills, productivity and ability in work environments on the following key areas;

  • Relationship Management (Customer Service, Public Relations, Leadership skills, Communication Skills)

  • Records Management

  • Child Protection Training

6. How do you conduct Distant Learning?

This is basically to benefit those willing to pursue professional courses, but they are located out of Gaborone. Students are given notes on relevant subjects per course and they come for lessons once every month according to the timetable.