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Byte Size Soccer Club

Bytes Football Club is based in Gaborone and is composed of Byte Size students. The soccer team plans to grow and perhaps strive to register itself with one of the leagues in Botswana and eventually become professional.  The team so far plays in the Sunday games with other teams from companies within Botswana.  Bytes Football Club is one of the unique teams and sees itself to become big in the near future. 

The soccer team was primarily formed by students to:

·    Keep themselves busy and keep them away from unhealthy behavior

·    Travel and play soccer in villages to inspire their peers who are not schooling

·    Make themselves exposed to different companies as most of the teams it plays are  companies.


The team has so far played in Gaborone, Mogoditshane and tends to go into the nearby villages.
Byte Size soccer team during a match at Notwane grounds