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Corporate Social Responsibilities

Byte Size College is committed to occupying an impactful role as a socially responsible corporate citizen. This commitment is rooted in a deep moral conviction and is driven by prudent business sustainability practice. It is reinforced in our Ethical Code of Conduct which states that we will "always act as a compassionate and responsible Corporate Citizen". In this context, we have embraced a variety of socially responsible business practices which include a commitment to pro-actively invest in the social development needs of the places in which we operate.
Byte Size College's approach to Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is underpinned by the view that we must achieve a pragmatic balance between meeting the developmental needs of society whilst simultaneously deriving value for our business. In this context our primary CSI objectives will be to:
Make a relevant and notable contribution to the social development agenda in the education sector where our primary criteria for success will be the real difference that we have made in the lives of the beneficiaries that we assist.
Nurture a reputation amongst our stakeholders for being a compassionate organisation that is playing its part in the up-liftment of the poorest of the Batswana. Division will, whereever possible, establish synergies between commercial priorities and our CSI involvement. This may involve leveraging our CSI initiatives in order to consolidate our podition in existing markets or to gain access to new business opportunities, such as those offered by supply to government funded feeding schemes. Finally, Byte Size College recognises that we are not social development experts and the divisions therefore have full discretion to outsource their CSI involvement, via the mechanism of financial and / or in-kind grant making, to organisations with credible social development and governance track resords. In such instances the divisions must ensure regular, accurate and transparent feedback reporting by beneficiaries of grants. 
Byte Size students and staff during the cleanup campaign in some parts of Gaborone
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